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Känsliga läsare varnas;

Jag skall meddela att jag har under dagen haft en överdriven salivproduktion. För att - utan att överdriva - beskriva hur överdriven den är (hehe...);

Om jag hade haft ett badkar som jag spottat i varje gång jag svalt eller spottat i handfatet hade det varit så fullt nu att jag kunnat dränka mig själv däri om jag velat.

Vilket jag inte hade velat.

Så är det att vara sjuk, men inte egentligen vara det (long story, maybe coming later on).

One Manga R.I.P.


När jag just bestämmer mig för att börja läsa om Naruto-serien, som nu precis har kommit över 500-strecket i kapitel, så ska One Manga, the NUMBER ONE site for reading manga online according to me, lägga ner, av skäl som kan återfinnas på onemanga.com.

Crap säger jag bara. Det finns ju ingen chans i helvete att jag hinner läsa igenom alla dessa 503 kapitel tills veckan har tagit slut, då sidan ska läggas ner. Eller...? Nej, det är önsketänkande. Det skulle innebära att jag får läsa 100 kapitel om 20 sidor om dagen. Vilket är 2000 sidor. Skulle inte tro det va? När jag var som mest aktiv på att läsa Naruto (eller någon annan manga för den delen) så läste jag nog max 50 kapitel om dagen, om jag var ledig hela dagen. Vilket jag inte är helt säker på att jag är på lördag och söndag (man vet aldrig, jag har förmodligen halsfluss och det är nog inte så bra om jag åker iväg på jobbet och sprider virus bland redan sjuka gamlingar x3).

I alla fall... Jag får hitta mig en ny sida att läsa Naruto på, men jag lär ju inte hitta någon som är lika bra ;_;

R.I.P One Manga ♥ q.q

Thirty Seconds To Mars

You can't spell 'tissue' without 'issue' and you can't spell slaughter without laughter.

Okay, I'll admit it. Jag suger. Jag har inte skrivit en resumé än. Vi skiter i det. Jag gör det när jag kommer ihåg det och har tid. Inte nu alltså. Men när jag kommer hem eller något, okej?

Jag har också blekt håret och skaffat sidecut. Vi skiter i bilder nu, för jag orkar inte fixa mig så jag ser duglig ut och ta några bilder. Jag gör väl det när jag kommer hem också.


Imorgon LOVAR jag att jag ska skriva sammanfattningen av min Göteborgsresa och till dem som säger "ingen bryr sig längre" så kan jag meddela att jag vet att en person gör det! JAG! xP

Fight Club

Av någon jäkla anledning ska ju Fight Club, som jag har velat se hur länge som helst men aldrig fått tillfälle till, gå igår natt, då jag inte kan stanna uppe och se den för att jag ska upp klockan sex idag och jobbar. Schysst säger jag bara xP

Sometimes I Just Go For It pt. IV

"You look different, Sugar."

I almost choked on the cigarette when I inhaled the smoke when I heard those words. I turned around, slowly, afraid of who it might have been, even though I already knew. Only one person ever called me Sugar in that voice.

"Jackson" I almost roared, irritated. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing" he smiled. "Though, I would probably clean it up a bit."

I'm here to make out with some fucker so that I can get over my fucking crush on you, is what I wanted to say. Of course I couldn't. Not only would I then fuck everything up by actually confessing, but I would give him something to mock me about for the rest of my life. I couldn't do that, I didn't want to give him that satisfaction.

"It's a danceclub, douchebag?"

"Oh, as angry as ever." He was still smiling.

Stop smiling, douche, you're making it hard to look at you without smiling.

"So you're here to dance?"

"That's none of your fucking buisness."

"Well, fuck me, it's not."

I flinched at his angry words. I don't think I've actually heard him ever say fuck. Or anything else nasty. I almost apologized.

"What's your fucking problem?" I asked him instead. He wasn't allowed not find out how I was starting to feel about him. Absolutely not.

"You are!" he almost screamed and banged his hand into the wall behind my head. "You're everywhere I go, somehow I ALWAYS end up seeing you even when I don't want to - And that's pretty much all the time!"

His words freaked me out. I didn't want him to feel that way about me, I didn't want him to hate me, but I did make it easier for him to do so every day, didn't I? Well, at least I got it confirmed then; Jackson hated me and I was falling in love with him.

I felt tears burning behind my eyes. I felt something choke me. The world was coming down on me. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't breathe when he was so close to me, I had to get away.

I pushed him away from me and started walking inside again as calmly and as fast as I could. He was not allowed to see me cry. When I got to the door I felt his hand grabbing my arm and he pulled me around. I was inches away from his face with mine.

"You look good."

I felt his breath on my face. I couldn't breathe.

"I'm sorry." He smiled again. "I'll let you go now."

No. Don't.

He walked inside again. Left me outside in the cold. Fuck.

"Please don't let me go."

I was in love with him.

"You look different, Sugar."

Jag behöver ett nytt namn till Sometimes I Just Go For It, det passar inte.

Sometimes I Just Go For It pt. III

What the fuck was I doing at some dance club? A bar would be okay, but a nightclub? In a dress? This was so not me. But then again, it was me I was trying to run away from. Me and Jackson, that damn greeneyed douchebag that was trying stealing my heart away. But I wasn't going to let him. But... I had no idea of how to stop him.

"Come on!" Erin grabbed my hand and pulled me out on the already overcrowded dancefloor.

I didn't get the chance to tell her that I had to get used to the place before we started dancing before we actually was dancing. I tried to let everything go, close my eyes, release myself all over the dancefloor.I felt a pair of arms around my waist and I wanted to turn around and look at the guy that was holding on to me, but I didn't. I kept my eyes closed and just kept feeling the rythm of the music.

I felt my arms raise on their own, my hands, my fingers entwined in the silky hair it was touching. I felt his face under my fingertips and laid my arms around his nack behind myself. I was beginning to think that I might be able to let go of Jackson easier than I'd thought.

"Let go of me."

His voice whispering in my ear, letting go of my hips. I opened my eyes and turned around. It was his voice and the guy was gone. It sounded exactly like Jacksons voice. I looked around to find him.

"What's wrong?" Erin mouthed. She was dancing with some boy that looked a bit young to be there. "You look like you've just seen a ghost or something."

I shook my heard, looked around one more time. "Nothing," I mouthed back. "I thought I heard someone... I'm going to the bathroom." He'd sounded desperate.

She nodded. I left.

I walked over the overcrowded floor, pushed my way through the dancers. I wanted to get out, I wanted to breathe I wanted to know if I'd actually heard something and if I had, was it him who said it?

I got outside. Pulled up a smoke from the purse that I'd borrowed from Erin and lit it.

How was I supposed to forget him if he was there? Or if I couldn't get my mind of him? I drew a breath through the cigarette. Blew out the smoke.

"You look different, Sugar."

Sometimes I Just Go For It pt. II

"So, what are you going to wear?"


We were walking home from school, or actually over to my car, me and Erin, when the question poped up. I had no fucking clue of what she was talking about.

"Tonight. What are you going to wear?"

I looked confused at her for a while and then I remembered. We where going out tonight, to some club she liked, so that I could forget Jackson by making out with some other guy. But she didn't know that.

"I don't know..." I answered. "This?"

"You can't wear that to a night out!"

"Why not?" It was a perfectly okay outfit; an ordinary t-shirt and a pair of well worn Levi's.

"Well, it's okay, actually, but you can't wear the same clothers that you've had in school to a night on a club, you'll look like to don't care."

"I don't."

She sighed. "Well, I do." She nudged me and we stopped by my car. "I don't want to go out with you if you don't care."

Then I sighed. "Fine. I'll change my fucking clothes." I opened the car.

"Do you have a nice dress?" she asked when she got into the old Audi of mine.

I raised an eyebrow when I got in. "Me? A nice dress? A dress, even?"

"Okay, I get you point." Erin smiled. "Good thing we're the same size then. We'll go to my house right away then?"

The engine roared when I turned the key. "Just as good..."

Bye bye, Jackson, hello anyone else...!

Novell; Sometimes I Just Go For It

"You're so broken."

I looked up at the smiling face. Jacksons green, green eyes gazed down upon me. His chin in a perfect line and his lips wet from when he was licking them. I just wanted to spit in his fucking face. For a while I was thinking about saying something nasty back, like... I don't know. I never can say something nasty to him. It's like a curse.

"I know you're in love with me, Sugar." He smiled.

I just wanted to kick his ass so badly right then and there. But I didn't. I always wanted to and I never did. I don't know why, it's like I don't want to mess up his pretty face or something. Because I know I would kick the shit ot of the son of a bitch.

He walked away with that smile on his face.

We've always been like this, Jackson and I. He's always said stuff to me that someone would say to someone they loved, but with a tone of 'you're so fucking messed up it's making me sick' behind it. And I've always wanted to kick his ass. Sometimes I do it and sometimes I don't. Well, it's been quite a while since I've beaten him up, a few years actually, but I do it all of the time in my head.

"I'm proud of you, you know?"

It was Erin. I looked at her as she sat down by me.


"I know you wanted to kick his ass. I'm proud you didn't." She smiled.

Actually, this time I only wanted to kick his as for a second, but I couldn't say that to her. She would see right through me then. The truth is, I've beginning to fall for the douche and I hate it. And I don't know why. And I hated him for telling me stuff like he just did. It only made things worse for me. And then I only wanted to kick his ass even more.

Why did he have to have such gorgeous brown hair and sparkling green eyes? And why did he always lick his lips like they tasted vanilla ice-cream or something? And why did he have to have that gorgeous neck? Why, oh, why? Why did I have to fall for that guy?

"Are you listening to me, Amelia?" Erin waved her hand in front of my eyes.


"No, you're not."

I hoped she wasn't on to me.

"I just asked you if you wanted to come shopping with me after school."


I looked over to where Jackson was standing. He saw me and smiled, so I flipped him the bird. I didn't know what else to do. I didn't want him to know that he was right, that I was in love with him and I didn't want Erin to know that either and I didn't want to be in love with him. I had to get over him some way.

"Can't we go out tonight, Erin?"

"Why?" She looked over at me and I had to look away from Jackson.

"Because I want to get out tonight. I need to get my mind of somethings."

"Like what?" She smiled curiously at me. "Like Jackson?"

"What? No!" I almost studdered.

"Oh, come on...!" She smiled and I thought she knew my goddamn secret. "I know you always think about him!"

I froze up. That's it. She knew it. She saw right through me. She knew I was in love with him.

"That's all you do, think about kicking Jackson's ass."

I wanted to hug her for not knowing.

"What's with you?" She put a hand on my shoulder. "You look like you thought I was going to tell you that he's in love with you or something."

Yeah. Like that would ever happen.

Erin smiled and I looked over to Jackson, smiling at his friends. I wanted to kick his fucking ass.

"Of course we can go out tonight if you want to."

I looked back at her again. "Good."

Fyratusen och en vecka i Persön

Jag fick just en VÄLDIGT trevlig nyhet när jag loggade in på mitt internet konto för att kolla hur mycket mindre än tretusen jag hade där. Jag hade inte mindre en tretusen. Jag hade till och med fyratusen! :D Jag visste inte att man fick studiestöd i juni månad också :3

Nåväl, det löser en del problem för mig. Kanske jag kan åka till Stockholm med min moster om två veckor i alla fall :D

Det jag egentligen tänkte säga var att jag åker till Persön idag och blir borta ett par dagar i alla fall. Förhoppningsvis. Tänkte åka tillbaka till Övertorneå till helgen för att vara på sommarens enda marknad, men sen åker jag nog tillbaka till Persön. Och kompisarna i Luleå och Boden förståss.

Det ska bli väldigt trevligt att träffa mina kära vänner efter så lång tid. Jag känner att jag håller på bli knäpp i min ensamhet här uppe i norr.

Nu vet ni i alla fall varför om jag blir väldigt frånvarande från datorn eller bloggen under veckan. Ja ne!

To Anonym;

I humbly ask for forgiveness from you for writing the wrong lyrics to 100 suns. It is as outrageous as me, the Popcorn Master, burning popcorns. And I just did that too. What is happening to the world?

Sommar, sommar, sommar

Idag är officiellt min sista arbetsdag. Och den börjar klockan fem, slutar klockan nio.

Det är JÄVLIGT skönt att slippa jobba mer sen. Då ska jag skriva och måla och lära mig göra tenntrådsarmband och rollspela och läsa ikapp serier. Göra det som jag ska göra när det är sommar med andra ord. Kanske umgås med kompisar också x3

En sak jag måste säga är dock; Varför kan inte Naruto bara få bli Hokage så att serien kan avslutas snart? Blir inte Kishimoto less på att skriva på samma serie som han har skrivit på i över tio år?

One hundred suns

Rainer Maria Rilke

I love...

Jag älskar hur mycket Echelon betyder för Thirty Seconds To Mars. Varför bryr inte alla sig lika mycket om sina fans, om de har dem?

Thirsty Sexy Retards; Coming Soon

Jag hade tänkt att skriva resumén av Göteborgsresan igår (för en timme sen), men blev uppehållen av diverse olika saker. Så då hade jag tänkt att jag skulle skriva den imorgon istället, men så lär det inte heller bli kommer jag ihåg nu, för jag jobbar klockan tre och ska vara hos farmor och farfar hela helgen, så att jag kommer mig till jobbet (pappa ska till Norge på en körning och mamma och Wilma ska ta en sista minuten som är så sista minuten att de åker på söndag men inte vet än var de ska).

Så ni får vänta till söndag tidigast. Kanske till och med måndag.

Ni får en bild jag har tagit i väntan på mer.

Thirty Seconds To Mars - Kerrang Award

Det är dags att rösta på allas favoritband i Kerrang Award; Thirty Seconds To Mars. De finns nominerade i kategorierna

Best Video (Kings And Queens)
Best Album (This Is War)
Best Live Band
Best International Band

Det går att rösta fler än en gång, så se nu till att fingrarna blöder när ni är klara.


Hedi Slimane

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